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This blog is actually to show all the 3D works that I've done during my degree study and work as Interior Designer..Maybe all the drawings in my blog that you will see or you have seen are quit simple but for me its really meaningful because I'm the one who did it... To be a designer is not easy if we don't have patient in ourselves...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project: Design the Mihrab area for Masjid Niah (2009)

The architect and designer for Masjid Niah is NBL Architects Sdn Bhd. For this project, I have to design the mihrab area for this mosque. Before my boss proceed the final one, I have showed him about 4 proposals but he rejected them all. After he rejected so many proposals, we did a long meeting with all the senior designers to discuss about the design for this mihrab.

Here I just show you some of the proposal I did and the final design that client proceed. I did all  of these views not more than 1 hour using 3D Max because my boss wanted to see  them on that day too. I just did what I can and these are the result. For that time I don't have any idea to design the mihrab area and I just design follow what style the client wants.

Below shows the final design for Masjid Niah mihrab area. Before submit this final design, I have to proposed the same design with different of colors. I designed the whole mihrab using 3D Max 9 and edit for the color using Photoshop.

On December 2009, two months after that, i did go to the site to do research for my final degree thesis. I quit happy because of the design I did has been applied to this mosque even though the contractor has changed a little bit from the proposed design.

3D Making: 3D Max 9
3D Rendering: 3D Max V-ray 9
3D Editing: Adobe Photoshop 

Supervisor of the Masjid Niah mihrab design:
Tuan Haji Mohammad Azrai Karim
Architect & Managing Director of NBL Architects Sdn Bhd

Supervisor on technical & detail drawings of Masjid Niah mihrab:
Mr. Jeffrey Chong
Senior Designer & Assistance Manager of NBL Architects Sdn Bhd

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  1. Really love doing this project because I have learn a lot about designing a mosque. This project also become my final degree project & thesis last semester (Dec-April 2010).