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This blog is actually to show all the 3D works that I've done during my degree study and work as Interior Designer..Maybe all the drawings in my blog that you will see or you have seen are quit simple but for me its really meaningful because I'm the one who did it... To be a designer is not easy if we don't have patient in ourselves...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project: Ma'had Tahfiz Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub (2009)

Ma'had Tahfiz Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub is the biggest Ma'had in Malaysia. It is stated in Kuching, Sarawak. The designer of this Ma'had Tahfiz is Tuan Haji Azrai Karim, the Managing Director of NBL Architects Sdn. Bhd. company. The concept of this Ma'had Tahfiz, follow the style of 4 Dynasties of Islam during Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.); those are the Ummayyad, the Abasids, the Fatimids, and the Ottomans.
For this project, I have to do the 3D of this Tahfiz for its courtyard and the interior landscape at the ground floor. Below I show how I did the 3D using 3D Max 9 and, 3D after rendered and also 3D after edited by Photoshop.

The 3D perspective on your left shows the view after I rendered using 3D Max V-ray 9. It takes almost one an hour to render this view because it has too much lighting and water effect. 

To make the rendering time shorter, I have to render the simple view of the building and edit the extras using Photoshop. So, below you can see the final view after edited.

Below shows the second area for this 3D making, that is interior landscape. Before that, I forgot to tell you that this building structure actually was built up by Mr. Claudius, one of my friends in that office, using Auto CAD 3D. He past and asked me to continue doing these 3Ds, then I have to transfer it to 3D Max because at that time I don't know how to use Auto CAD 3D (but now I know).

Here you can see how I did the 3D and rendering, same like I did the Tahfiz courtyard before using the 3D Max 9 software.

The 3D perspective on your left shows the view after I rendered using 3D Max V-ray 9. Then below shows the final view after edited by Photoshop.


3D Making: 3D Max 9
3D Rendering: 3D Max V-ray 9
3D Editing: Adobe Photoshop

Designer  of the Ma'had Tahfiz Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub
Tuan Haji Mohommad Azrai Karim
Architect and Managing Director of NBL Architects Sdn Bhd 


  1. Credit to Claudius for helping me to edit these perspectives... =)

  2. u show that last minute works? GOD..hahah

  3. ya..working as designer is always like that.we have to make everything in rushing if we got a project.but it's fun even though sometimes I didn't sleep for 2 days..haha...

  4. Not bad at all for a willing learner . . . just keep it up to become excel in times to come . . .